Linea Plug Lamp


Linea is a lighting that integrates seamlessly by plugging directly into the outlet. The 4th and final lighting release for 2017, Linea is a testament to home products that practice visual precision by creating a quiet graphic presence.

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Logical and simple. Subtle, yet bold. Linea reimagines lighting. Minimal in form, the lamp maximizes each part to create a precise visual piece that is impactful in a space. Each component - Bent aluminum, hand blown opal glass, machined brass, walnut wood, plays a major roll in the creation of Linea.

Purpose and form. It’s linear spine travels beyond the opal glass to anchor into the wall.

Lighting that takes the hard out of hardwired.

Linea was designed for versatility and functionality. It is available in two heights - the taller is best used similar to a floor lamp and the shorter is perfect as a side table lamp. Aluminum is matte finished in ash black and wool white.

Timeless, honest, function driven lighting

From $235

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