Hiline Spotlight


The second iteration of Hiline, made up of a task light and a sconce.

Hiline deconstructs lighting to its most basic elements.

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Matte powder coated aluminum, woven cloth cord and machined brass become the basic elements in creating the Hiline Sconce.

Each detail plays a vital role in the creation of the whole.

"Easy to install and refined as it is utilitarian..."


Solid brass machined hardware is made specifically to hold the cord taut. The cord is available in two colors - a deep multicolor woven coal tweed or a structured creme white.

Cloth woven electrical cord is highlighted as a graphic detail leading to the focal light source. 15 feet of cord makes the lamp versatile, able to be mounted in multiple heights and different uses. Brass joints allows  the lamp head to adjust 180 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees vertically. 

Deconstructed Minimalism

From $179

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Easy to install and refined as it is utilitarian, Hiline is the perfect addition to any room that needs integrated lighting without the professional hardwiring.