Bo Light


Architectural, historically reminiscent, graphically modern. Bo is a sculptural lighting piece that is stunning even when not illuminated. Made to be mounted to the wall, the lamp is powerful enough to light a room in a warm ambient glow, yet compact enough to fit tighter spaces.


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Reminiscent of an archers bow, solid oak is tensioned by industrial bronze wire that cleverly doubles as the switch. The lamp is equal parts art sculpture and minimal lighting for the home.

Simply touch to control the full range dimmer. Light is beautifully cast outward using the wall as a secondary diffuser, further eliminating hotspots.

"The Bo Light Is a Minimalist Bullseye"

-Jahla Seppanen,

Formed from honest materials and a process defined by restraint - Bo is about distilling the basics. Balancing traditional woodworking, industrial design and the ideals of simplicity. Individual parts - dowel, wood, cable, led; each play a vital role in the creation of the whole.

Bo - Sculpturally refined lighting

From $420

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